The Complete Guide to Cisco Meraki’s Latest Features

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The Cisco Meraki ecosystem is always evolving. Here’s what’s new for 2020.

Cybersecurity is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the ever-increasing frequency and cost of cyberattacks. Ransomware alone is growing exponentially, and the costs of a ransomware breach are rising with it, posing a hostile threat landscape to businesses big and small.

Cisco Meraki offers a profoundly flexible and expandable security platform. In this security playbook, Security Made Simple, we walk you through the latest and greatest features, including those that lend users additional protection from breaches, greater endpoint visibility, device management and workflow automation.


Inside, you’ll learn about new features that:

  • Authenticate, onboard and permit access to mobile devices without an MDM profile.
  • Grant greater clarity into blocked internet events from the Meraki dashboard.
  • Micro-segment users into distinct groups, upon which security policies can be automatically applied.
  • Control access privileges to devices not connected to the same business network.